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Honey Bees Removal Wall OKC Edmond
Honey Bee on Flower Edmond OKC
Honey Bee Swarm Removal Edmond OKC
Beekeeper And Honey Bee comb OKC
Honey Bee hive Removal soffit attic
Honey Bees at Work OKC Edmond
Honey Bee Honeycomb OKC Edmond
Honey Bee Swarm Removal Edmond OKC
Honey Bee Tree Removal OKC Edmond
Cool Honey Bee Removal Edmond OKC
Honey Bee Wall Removal OKC Edmond
Honey Bees removal hive house wall



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Heat signature of Honey Bees in wall
Honey Bee removal wall OKC Edmond
A Bit About Us

Protecting Honey Bees and Protecting People

Expanded in 2015, this professional service is a branch of Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions LLC that’s proud to offer our services to clients throughout Edmond, OKC, and the surrounding area. Great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals. We use FLIR technology to 'see' the heat signatures and know exactly how the Honey Bee removal can be done at your home. We aim to not only meet your needs, but also protect Honey Bees and educate people on the symbiotic relationship we have with Honey Bees and that we as humans need them for most of the food we eat!

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Honeybee swarm Edmond Oklahoma City OKC

Swarm Capture

If you see a large ball of Honey Bees hanging on something, do not fear. A Honey Bee swarm is the reproduction of colonies. There is a Honey Bee queen in there and about half the original hive (which is most likely nearby).

Honey bee removal wall OKC Edmond

Hive removal

If you have Honey Bees entering and leaving a small hole or crack you do not have a 'swarm', you have a Honey Bee hive being built in your wall. Most of the time this requires a 'cutout' which is the physical removal of the Honey Bees and all the comb.


I also offer repair and replacement services after the Honey Bees have been removed.

Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions

Other Wildlife

If you'd like I can also check for other potential or current wildlife issues. Visit or call for any other wildlife headaches you may be having. 

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We Want to Solve YOUR Headache

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Home Contact

TJ did a fantastic job twice for us here at Mansions South. He was extremely thorough in collecting the bees and cleaning up after the removal. With the help of the bee boxes, the bees did not return. TJ is friendly and a pleasure to do business with. I would recommend him with no hesitation.

Dawn A.

Home Testimonial

TJ is awesome! Really good guy and fantastic service. He helped relocate a Honey Bee swarm of thousands of bees in my neighbors front yard.

Nick D.

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Very helpful! Great work! He even educated the staff on what bees we had and left us with some honey!

- Dessirae S.

Super Fast, Friendly & Professional

TJ and the Oklahoma Wildlife Solutions was very responsive and arrived for their appointment very quickly. He was very professional and was respectful of our property and of our time. I HIGHLY recommend this business!

Josh D. 11/23/2016

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Thanks for the help with our bees! You were very professional and passionate about your work! We appreciate you! Highly recommended!

Jessica W.

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I highly recommend this business. I had honey bees inside my outdoor wall above my air conditioner. They removed all the bees plus the queen bee and repaired the wall back. Very professional and experienced.

- Deborah H.

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